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Below is a listing of the top selling products in the category of Human Resources, Environmental, Health, and Safety Training Programs (products are listed from highest to lowest based on quantity ordered). Follow the links to see the full description of each product.

Forklift Safety: An Operator Training Program (227-K) - Improve operator safety and reduce the chance of costly forklift accidents.

Respiratory Protection Training Kit (49-K) - Satisfy the training requirements of OSHA’s respiratory protection standard §1910.134.

Hazard Communication Training For Employees (170-K) - Comply with OSHA’s most-cited standard, and teach employees what they need to know about hazardous chemicals.

Lockout/Tagout: Safety Training For Employees (228-K) - Use this kit to help satisfy OSHA’s 29 CFR §1910.147(7).

Bloodborne Pathogens In Industry (121-K) - Bloodborne pathogen training that's easy to prepare and conduct!

Confined Spaces: A Training Program For Employees (160-K) - Covers the four OSHA-required role-specific areas of training.

Fire Safety Training Kit (43-K) - Arm your employees with the knowledge they need to prevent and respond to fires.

Back Safety Training Kit (42-K) - Critical training for any employee required to do any type of lifting.

Forklift Safety For Construction (226-K) - Keller’s construction-specific forklift training program will help you meet OSHA’s operator training requirements.

Personal Protective Equipment: An Assessment & Training Program (190-K) - Get employees to take PPE seriously — make an impact on even the most reluctant PPE users.

Bucket Truck Safety Training For Operators (230-K) - Shows your bucket truck operators where the hazards are ... and how to avoid them.

Safety Awareness: A Commitment To Yourself (136-K) - Looking for a training program with impact?

Slips, Trips, & Falls Training Kit (110-K) - Give your drivers a "heads up" to the less-than-obvious hazards they face every day.

The Electrical Standard: What You Need To Know (33-K) - Perform OSHA-required training on electrical standards without the headaches of a do-it-yourself program.

Fall Protection: A Training Program For Employees (100-K) - CFR Part 1926, Subpart M requires employers to provide a training program for each employee who might be exposed to fall hazards.

Hot Work Training Kit (125-K) - If hot work is a hot issue, this kit is just what you need.

Scaffolding Training Program (106-K) - Learn how to meet OSHA's latest scaffolding requirements.

Machine Guarding: A Managment & Employee Safety Program (88-K) - Involve your whole team and prevent some of the most common OSHA violations (OSHA Subpart O).

Work Zone Safety For Construction and Utility Employees (120-K) - Teach your workers how to be safe in and around work zones.

Flagger Safety Training Kit (369-VT) - The training that flaggers need to meet their critical safety responsibilities.

Job Safety Analysis Training Program (107-K) - Reduce workplace hazards and learn start-to-finish guidelines for conducting a safety analysis.

Violence In The Workplace: Audits, Training & Prevention (10-MPV) - Workplace violence can strike in many different forms. And at any time. Here’s how can you help reduce the risk at your workplace.

Trenching And Shoring Training Program (52-K) - Hundreds of trenching accidents occur each year ... here’s a powerful preventive tool.

Ergonomic Assessment Training For Managers (109-K) - Motivate your managers and supervisors to lead the way and establish positive workplace ergonomics.

Ergonomics: What Employees Need To Know Training Kit (289-K) - Get your employees to report musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) right away — before their injuries get more serious.

Ergonomics Success™ Video Series (507-VT) - Take control of ergonomics-related injuries and their costs.

Workplace Safety 7-Minute Solutions Videos (376-VT) - Six quick-hitting videos that cover important safety procedures; Forklift Inspection & Maintenance, MSDS, Spills, Lockout/Tagout, Hand Protection, Hazcom Labels.

7-Minute Solutions For Construction (383-VT) - Fall Protection, PPE, Electrial Safety, Hand and Power Tool Safety, Back Safety, and Stairways and Ladders.

Construction Safety Orientation For Employees Training Program (235-VT) - Safety orientation every new construction employee should have!

Workplace Safety Orientation For Employees Training Program (110-VT) - Start new employees off right-give them a basic understanding of OSHA and its regulations.

HR Orientation for Employees (114-VT) - Give your new employees a complete HR orientation ... in just 25 minutes!

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