The Electrical Standard: What You Need To Know

The Electrical Standard: What You Need To Know

Perform OSHA-required training on electrical standards without the headaches of a do-it-yourself program.

Save yourself the time and trouble of creating an electrical-standard training program from scratch. We’ve assembled, in one convenient package, a variety of materials to help you meet the training requirements of OSHA standard §1910.332. The program uses professionals in real-life situations to help teach employees about safe practices for working with or near electrical equipment. It gives approach distances for qualified and unqualified employees, reviews lockout/tagout procedures, discusses proper use of illumination and protective equipment, reviews testing procedures,
and more.

Each program includes:

1 15-Minute VHS Training Video
1 Instructor’s Guide
10 Employee Handbooks
1 Training Log
10 Wallet Cards

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