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Below is a listing of the top selling products in the category of Transportation Safety Books (products are listed from highest to lowest based on quantity ordered). Follow the links to see the full description of each product.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations And Reference Edition (7-ORS-A / 17-H) - Give your drivers instant access to the FMCSRs — so they’ll have no reason not to follow them!

2000 Emergency Response Guidebook (14-ORS-0) - Give each of your drivers the most current emergency response information – and help satisfy 49 CFR Part 172.602.2000 Emergency Response Guidebook.

Hazardous Materials Compliance Pocketbook (119-ORS) - Keep vital information for drivers close at hand.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Pocketbook: Motor Coach/Bus Version (19-ORS) - DOT requires that all bus drivers be instructed in and comply with the regulations that affect them.

Fleet Safety Compliance Manual (8-M) - Want to simplify FMCSR compliance? Here’s the source you need.

530-CMM-P M
Handling Hazardous Materials (370-H) - Fast reg access plus easy-to-understand reg summaries make this reference valuable for any hazmat employee.

Transportation Safety Answer Manual (70-M) - Want fast answers to the regulatory and safety questions you face every day? You’ve got it!

Roadside Inspections & DOT Compliance Audits Manual (97-M) - Find out what it takes to pass DOT compliance audits and roadside inspections.

Hazardous Materials Regulation Guide (38-G) - The word-for-word regs in an easy-to-use, quick access format.

Hazardous Materials Compliance Manual (138-M) - Plain-English, easy-to-understand explanations of the regs.

Official Trucking Safety Guide (8-G) - At last! An easy way to sort out the jumble of state-level requirements!

Fleet Safety Compliance Manual (Softbound Version) (108-M) - Word-for-word FMCSRs, "how-to" compliance explanations, and DOT's official interpretations ... in one easy-to-use source.

Alcohol & Drugs: DOT Compliance Manual (135-M) - When and how should you conduct DOT-required alcohol and drug tests? This manual tells you — in plain English.

Transport Security Manual (15-M) - Protect your drivers, your cargo and your equipment from security threats.

Vehicle Maintenance: A Comprehensive Guide To Improved Operations & Compliance (56-M) - Guides maintenance managers through the challenges of managing people, equipment, and regulatory compliance.

Vehicle Sizes & Weights Manual (1-M) - Size and weight limitations … plus requirements for overdimensional movements … in an easy-to-use format.

Trucking Permit Guide (1-G) - Streamline your permitting and fuel-tax payments with this no-nonsense guide.

Fleet Tax Compliance Manual (33-M) - This “how-to” manual guides you through IFTA compliance.

Transportation Of Dangerous Goods Guide (35-G) - Simplify compliance with Transport Canada's dangerous goods regulations.

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