Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Pocketbook and Reference Edition

Give your drivers instant access to the FMCSRs — so they’ll have no reason not to follow them!

Both of these convenient, affordable fleet safety resources contain word-for-word reprints of DOT's FMCSRs (Parts 382, 383, 387, 390-397, 399, and 40 of the FMCSRs, plus the minimum periodic inspection standards). They're an easy, affordable way to ensure that your drivers have access to the up-to-date regulatory information they need to stay safe, in compliance, and on the road.

The Pocketbook provides a bound-in Driver’s Receipt page and is the only FMCSR pocketbook updated every month.

The Reference Edition also includes Parts 325, 355, 356-379, 381, 385-386, and 398 of the FMCSRs, regulatory histories of sections, DOT interpretations, and medical regulatory criteria. Specially designed to help you find information easily. Updated quarterly.


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