Roadside Inspections & DOT Compliance Audits Manual

Roadside Inspections & DOT Compliance Audits Manual

Find out what it takes to pass DOT compliance audits and roadside inspections.

A poor roadside inspection or DOT audit performance can lead to lengthy delays … stiff fines … and a blemish on your company’s compliance track record. Keller’s Roadside Inspections & DOT Compliance Audits Manual will help you understand the inspection and audit processes and what measures you can take to help prevent a poor performance.

With this valuable manual, you’ll learn about the five levels of roadside inspections and what each level involves; what the results mean; what the penalties are (including individual fines) and what to do if you disagree with the results. You’ll even get information on how your drivers should conduct themselves during an inspection … which can help them feel less “on-edge” when dealing with the inspector.

This must-have manual also explains how motor carriers are selected for an audit and what type of paperwork the DOT looks at during an audit. You can use this information to help you understand what could cause you to be audited, and how best to prepare for one.

Plus, you can use the manual’s self-audit checklists to help you uncover compliance violations before an inspector catches them — and before you’re slapped with a hefty fine.

Loose-leaf, 3-ring bound. Update service available separately.

ISBN 1-57943-627-7

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