Transportation Safety Answer Manual

Transportation Safety Answer Manual

Tired of dealing with confusing regulatory lingo? Get this easy-to-understand manual. By providing quick-read summaries of DOT regulations and fleet safety topics, this easy-to-use manual gives you to-the-point answers to your regulatory and safety questions.

The Transportation Safety Answer Manual covers over 140 subjects, including:

For each of the manual's major topics (such as hours of service), you'll get important background information, including: the regulatory citation, who the regulation protects, purpose of the regulation, and when the regulation is in effect. Plus, for each of the manual's sub-topics (such as 10-hour driving rule), you'll get the regulatory citation (if applicable), an overview, exceptions, and a list of related regulations so you'll know where to look for additional information.

Loose-leaf, 3-ring bound. 550 pages.

ISBN 1-877798-64-9

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