Forklift Safety: An Operator Training Program

Improve operator safety and reduce the chance of costly forklift accidents.

If OSHA comes knocking on your door … will you be prepared? Keller’s Forklift Safety Training Program will help you satisfy OSHA’s formal instruction requirement (mandatory as of Dec. 1, 1999) quickly and easily. It features a unique perspective only a seasoned operator could provide … because it was written in large part by a former forklift operator. Ultimately, it will help you prevent damage to equipment, products, and people.

The program focuses on three critical areas: the machine itself, surrounding hazards, and general safety rules. Operators will get information ranging from pre-operational inspections to the center-of-gravity triangle to proper steering, handling and refueling techniques.

The program comes with a wide range of support materials:

1 17-Minute VHS Training Video
10 Employee Handbooks
1 Instructor’s Guide
10 Pre-Operational Inspection Daily Checklists
2 Caution Signs
1 Training Preparation Guide
20 Certificates Of Training (classroom and operational)
2 Awareness Posters
10 Wallet Cards
1 Training Log
10 Forklift Operator Evaluation Forms

ISBN 1-57943-649-8 (English version)
ISBN 1-57943-666-8 (Spanish version)

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