Fire Safety Training Kit

Fire Safety Training Kit

Arm your employees with the knowledge they need to prevent and respond to fires.

Are your employees doing all they can to help prevent fires? If a fire started in your facility today, would your employees know exactly what to do?

If you can’t answer these questions with a definitive “yes,” you need to conduct fire safety training. It’s that simple. And this easy-to-use training kit is the simplest way to do it.

Keller’s Fire Safety Training Kit covers the basics that every employee should know when it comes to fire safety/prevention. Use it to help your employees understand what three elements are needed for materials to ignite; what fire hazards exist in the workplace; what to do in case of a fire; how to use a portable fire extinguisher; and more!

It only takes a second for a fire to start, but the damage can take a toll on your company for years. Make sure your employees know how to keep fires from starting — and how to react to one — with this affordable kit.

Each kit includes:

1 13-Minute VHS Training Video
1 Instructor’s Guide
10 Employee Handbooks
2 Fire Safety Posters
9 Fire-Related Warning Signs
10 Certificates Of Training
10 Employee Training Records
1 Training Log
10 Wallet Cards

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