Ergonomic Assessment Training For Managers

Ergonomic Assessment Training For Managers

Motivate your managers and supervisors to lead the way and establish positive workplace ergonomics.

Your supervisors and managers can help lead the way to a safer, ergonomically sound workplace. Keller’s Ergonomic Assessment Training For Managers will help supervisors and managers understand the cost of ergonomics problems … and see how they can help solve them.

This well-coordinated program shows your supervisors and managers how to recognize ergonomic hazards and implement cost-effective changes that minimize or eliminate those hazards.

The program’s 20-minute video provides examples of specific work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) and their causes, and offers advice from safety professionals who have achieved success in their ergonomics programs.

Program includes:

1 20-Minute Video
1 Manager’s Guide
6 Certificates Of Completion
1 Training Log

ISBN 1-57943-436-3

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