Forklift Safety For Construction

Forklift Safety For Construction

Keller’s construction-specific forklift training program will help you meet OSHA’s operator training requirements.

Forklift operators on construction sites face unique hazards and challenges, like ever-changing driving surfaces, high wind conditions, and overhead power lines. Now you can give your forklift operators construction-specific forklift training that covers those unique hazards with this ready-to-use training program.

This program will help you comply with OSHA’s operator training requirements (29 CFR 1910.178(l)) while reducing the chance of accidents and injuries. Use the program to train your operators on a wide variety of forklift topics, including: steering, stability, refueling, surface conditions, pedestrian traffic, and vehicle inspection.

The program includes a high-impact, 22-minute video which demonstrates safe forklift maneuvers and proper maintenance. It also includes a handy training preparation guide filled with timesaving tips and suggestions for more effective training sessions.

The program includes enough materials to train up to 10 operators:

1 22-Minute VHS Video
1 Instructor’s Guide
1 Training Preparation Guide
10 Operator’s Handbooks
1 Training Log
1 Awareness Poster
10 Wallet Cards

ISBN 1-57943-722-2

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