Hazard Communication Training For Employees

Hazard Communication Training For Employees

Comply with OSHA’s most-cited standard, and teach employees what they need to know about hazardous chemicals.

The Hazard Communication Standard (§1910.1200) is the one OSHA has cited most often in the last 10 years. This program was created to help protect your company from OSHA fines and help you protect your employees from hazardous chemicals.

In plain English, Keller’s Hazard Communication Training For Employees program helps you teach:

The program includes a wide variety of support materials — such as handbooks, certificates and labels — to make training easier to conduct and more effective. It also includes a training log and various certificates to help make documentation a snap.

Added feature! Now this program includes Employee Information Cards designed for employees not regularly exposed to hazardous chemicals! They’re also a good reminder for all employees after they’ve completed initial training.

Each program contains:

1 18-Minute VHS Training Video
10 Employee Handbooks
1 Instructor’s Guide
10 Employee Information Cards
1 Training Log
1 Awareness Poster
1 MSDS Pocket Dictionary
1 MSDS Request Form
1 Chemical Inventory List
1 Right To Know “Who To Contact” Sign1 Employee Safety Training Record Form
1 Certificate Of Training (Right To Know Overview)
1 Certificate Of Training (Right To Know Chemical-Specific)
1 MSDS Location Sign
1 Chemical Hazard Chart
10 Wallet Cards

ISBN 1-57943-812-1 (English version)

ISBN 1-57943-813-X (Spanish version)

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