Ergonomics: What Employees Need To Know Training Kit

Get your employees to report musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) right away — before their injuries get more serious.

One of your employees could be developing a MSD right now, and not realize it. By the time he or she does recognize that something’s wrong, the problem will be that much worse — and that much more costly to treat.

That’s why you need this kit. It will help raise your employees’ awareness of MSDs and get them to seek help at the first sign of trouble — when the injury is more easily treatable. By outlining the risk factors associated with MSDs, it will also help employees understand what can cause injuries, so they’re more able to prevent them.

At the core of the kit is a 12-minute video that provides examples of MSDs, explains the signs and symptoms of them, stresses the importance of reporting them, and discusses the risk factors. Supplementing the video are 10 employee handbooks (also sold separately below) which can be used both during your training session and as an “after-session” reminder of key points covered.

The kit includes:

1 12-Minute VHS Video
1 Leader’s Bulletin
1 Training Log
10 MSD Reporting Forms
10 Employee Handbooks
1 MSD Reporting Sign

ISBN 1-57943-952-7

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