Lockout/Tagout: Safety Training For Employees

Lockout/Tagout: Safety Training For Employees

Use this kit to help satisfy OSHA’s 29 CFR §1910.147(7).

With this well-designed lockout/tagout training program, you can help your employees avoid the mistakes that account for up to 1 of every 10 serious workplace accidents.

This convenient kit contains an 18-minute video along with support materials that help make it easy for you to prepare and conduct a training program. Showing proper lockout/tagout procedures
performed in actual manufacturing plant settings, the video provides clear demonstrations of proper techniques. It explains how to help avoid life-threatening situations, how to achieve a “zero energy state,” when to use tags, when and how to use multiple locks, and more.

In your kit, you’ll also receive information that shows you how to set up and conduct a training session, written materials for employees, sample tags, poster, certificates and more.

Added Feature! Now this program includes 10 Employee Information Cards. These handy cards are for employees who are not regularly involved with lockout/tagout but who could potentially encounter lockout/tagout devices and tags.

Your kit comes with these materials, all conveniently packaged in a protective “clamshell”:

1 15-Minute VHS Training Video
1 Instructor’s Guide
10 Employee Handbooks, with quizzes
1 Awareness Poster
3 Periodic Inspection Forms
1 DANGER — Do Not Operate Tag
1 Training Log
1 Certificate Of Training Form
10 Wallet Cards
10 Employee Information Cards
1 DANGER – Do Not Start Tag
1 DANGER This Equipment Is Locked Out Tag
1 Caution: Lockout Before Servicing Equipment Sign

ISBN 1-57943-817-2 (English version)
ISBN 1-57943-818-0 (Spanish version)

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