Keller-Soft™ Safety Plan Customizer™ (Version 7)

This software writes your safety plans for you.

Imagine never having to write a safety plan from scratch again — and never having to second-guess whether your plans meet OSHA requirements. That’s the kind of freedom and peace of mind you’ll enjoy with this powerful software.

First, it helps you determine which safety plans you need — then it actually writes those plans for you. Simply choose a plan from the list, and answer a series of simple questions. The Customizer does the rest. You’ll get a company-specific plan that meets the applicable OSHA or EPA requirements.

You can use this timesaving software to quickly and easily create over 70 required and non-required plans, including those covering: forklift operation, ergonomics, emergency response, fire prevention, recordkeeping, fall protection, risk management, and confined space entry. You can even easily create a plan for any topic not covered in the software, by using the software’s plan template. And you can add as much company-specific information as you’d like!

You can transform the tedious, time-consuming process of writing safety plans into one that’s simple and quick. The Safety Plan Customizer makes it possible. Then, you can turn your attention to what you want to do with all that extra time!

Added Features! The software now includes plans for construction, first aid, signs and tags, and more.
Plus, now you can use the Customizer with handheld Personal Data Assistants (PDAs).

The software includes on-screen help and 12 months unlimited toll-free support.

System operating requirements: IBM® PC or 100% compatible computer (Pentium® or equivalent), Windows® 95 or higher, 32 MB of RAM, 50 MB of hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, and compatible printer. Palm® operating system required for handheld capability.

ISBN 1-59043-018-7

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