Keller-Soft™ Safety Audit Customizer™ (Version 7)

Feel at ease about conducting safety audits with the software that makes safety audits a breeze.

It’s no secret: safety audits are critical, because they can save your company from costly fines by alerting you to potential violations. Unfortunately, they can also eat up a lot of your time — time you simply can’t spare. But now there’s a way to save time and still conduct a thorough audit — the Safety Audit Customizer.

This powerful software does much of the time-consuming work for you, by providing you with instant access to ready-to-use audit checklists covering nearly 70 OSHA and EPA work areas and recordkeeping areas. Just print the checklists you need and go through your facility. No more worrying about what you need to look for.

No more researching the regulations. No more typing up checklist after checklist. It’s all done! You can even modify the checklists to suit your company’s specific needs or create your own checklists.

Added features! Now you can download the audit checklists to a handheld computer (PDA) and enter data on site. You can also assign values to audit items to produce an audit “score”and then compare the score with previous audits or audits from different areas of your facility.

The software includes on-screen help and 12 months unlimited toll-free support.

System operating requirements: IBM® PC or 100% compatible computer (Pentium® processor or equivalent), 32 MB of RAM, 15 MB of hard disk space, Windows® 95 or higher, CD-ROM drive, and compatible printer.

ISBN 1-57943-920-9

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