HM-126F General Awareness CD-ROM Training Program

Hazmat training that’s lively, interactive, and self-paced …

With this interactive CD-ROM training course, you'll get lively, powerful training that's impossible for your employees to ignore. Your employees can complete the program on their own ... any time ... and at their own pace.

What's more, documentation (courses taken, quiz scores, and time spent on the course) is automatically handled for you. And, because CD-ROMs eliminate the need for group training, you'll have less employee downtime and a stronger bottom line.

DOT HM-126F General Awareness

Discover the benefits of interactive CD- ROM training ...

  1. Reduced learning time -- training occurs at an employee's most efficient pace, and material is reviewed only when needed.
  2. Increased retention -- employees are "forced" to pay attention and interact.
  3. Improved consistency -- training is uniform for all employees so you know what is covered every time.
  4. Automated recordkeeping -- documentation is automatically handled for you.
  5. Cost-effectiveness -- downtime is reduced because training takes place at an individual employee's availability.

System operating requirements: IBM�- compatible PC/486 DX2/66 (Pentium� recommended), 2X CD-ROM drive, 8 MB of RAM (16 MB recommended), 40 MB of hard disk space, local bus or PCI video, Soundblaster� compatible sound card, speakers, Windows� 3.1 or higher. MPEG drivers or video for Windows�.

IBM, Pentium, Soundblaster, and Windows are registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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