Accident Investigation Interactive CD-ROM Courseware

Accident Investigation CD-ROM Training Program

Accident investigation training that’s lively, interactive, and self-paced …

Pulling groups of employees away from their jobs for accident investigation training can hurt productivity. And trying to coordinate that training among employees’ differing work schedules can be a real headache.

Now your employees can receive accident investigation training on their own — at their own pace — with this interactive CD-ROM program. It uses a powerful combination of audio, full-motion video, and colorful graphics to grab and keep your employees’ attention. It even “forces” employees to interact and respond through a series of quizzes.

The program covers the goals of an accident investigation, securing an accident scene, “root cause” analysis, investigative interviews, reporting “near misses,” and more. It also emphasizes how important it is to fully cooperate in an investigation.

System operating requirements: IBM® PC or 100% compatible computer with 486 DX2/66 (Pentium® recommended), 2x CD-ROM drive, 8 MB of RAM (16 MB recommended), 40 MB of hard disk space, 256-color display, local bus or PCI video, sound card (Soundblaster® compatible), speakers, Windows® 3.1 or higher, MPEG card or video for Windows®.

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