Hazmat Solutions

Quick, hard-hitting training on individual hazmat topics — that’s easy to present!

This 6-video series promotes the safe packaging, handling and transportation of hazmat to reduce the risk of spills and leaks that can cause harm to your employees, the public and the environment. Use these videos as companions to the HazMat Training Basics program (page 108) to provide focused coverage of major hazmat topics.

Each 10-minute video features 3-D animation to illustrate key points, along with eye-catching graphics, music and insightful commentary from industry professionals to help capture and keep your employees’ attention.

Supplementing each video are 10 skill cards that summarize key points and an instructor’s bulletin with presentation tips to help you maximize the effectiveness of your training.

The HazMat Table (347-VT)
Explains the purpose of the table and how to use it, including a discussion
of the table’s 10 columns.

Markings (348-VT)
Covers required markings for non-bulk and bulk packages (ID numbers, orientation arrows, etc.).

Labels (349-VT)
Outlines guidelines regarding the size, color, appearance and placement of labels, explains how they differ from markings, and discusses labeling non-bulk and bulk packaging.

Placards (350-VT)
Explains how placards differ from labels. Tells how to use Table 1 and Table 2 of the Hazardous Materials Regulations to determine the proper placard to use. Discusses various types of placards and their placement.

Shipping Papers (351-VT)
Covers how to fill out a bill of lading, the importance of using proper shipping names, and how shipping papers are used to track the transportation of hazardous materials. Also covers emergency response information.

Loading & Segregation (352-VT)
Reviews loading and unloading, storage, and segregation requirements for various modes of transportation, focusing mainly on highway transportation.

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