Roadside Inspections Training Kit

Roadside Inspections Training Kit

Here’s “must-have” training that will assist each of your drivers in passing every roadside inspection.

Failed roadside inspections can cost your company thousands in fines and lead to higher insurance rates. And that’s not all: Too many poor results can lead to a DOT audit. This kit will arm your drivers with the information they need to be “inspection-ready.” At the core of the kit is a 20-minute video — filmed on location at a weigh station — that provides “how to pass” and “how to fail” inspection scenarios. Your drivers will see firsthand what inspectors look for when checking the vehicle and driver, plus they’ll get an explanation of what the results mean and how to correct defects if cited.

Here’s what the kit includes:

1 20-Minute VHS Video
1 Instructor’s Bulletin
10 On-Scene Guides
10 CVSA Tractor-Trailer Inspection Cards
1 Awareness Poster

ISBN 1-57943-743-5

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