Hazmat Transportation: What Drivers Need To Know

Give your drivers up-to-date, hard-hitting hazmat training that’s just for them.

The answer to all three questions is simple: Keller’s HazMat Transportation: What Drivers Need To Know training kit. Created exclusively for drivers, this easy-to-use kit drives home the importance of following DOT requirements, while giving solid information on essential topics like:

Whether your drivers haul hazardous materials every day or only occasionally, they need to know how to haul hazmat safely. And they must know how to comply with the hazmat-related requirements that relate to driving. HazMat Transportation: What Drivers Need To Know will provide your drivers with that must-have information.

Each kit contains:

1 21-Minute Video
1 Instructor’s Guide
10 Driver Handbooks
1 Training Log
10 Wallet Cards
1 Awareness Poster
5 Wallet Cards
1 Load and Segregation Wall Chart
1 Hazardous Materials Marking Chart
1 Combination Label/Placard Wall Chart
1 Labeling Chart
1 Placarding Chart

ISBN 1-57943-912-8

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