Keller-Soft™ HazMat & Transportation Safety Training Customizer

Struggling to put together hazmat training on specific topics? What used to take weeks can now be done in hours!

Preparing high-interest, high-involvement training on specific hazmat topics has never been so easy. Keller’s HazMat & Transportation Safety Training Customizer contains over 25 different hazmat programs …

The HazMat & Transportation Safety Training Customizer also gives you the power and flexibility to customize those programs to suit your needs. So, you can easily vary the amount or depth of information presented in your training sessions. Plus, you can work your own experiences into the software’s ready-made training programs.

You can even add information that applies exclusively to your company … such as who to call in the event of an accident or breakdown. With the HazMat & Transportation Safety Training Customizer, you can spend as much — or as little — time as you want preparing your training sessions. The choice is yours!

This comprehensive software also covers a wide range of driver safety and operational topics, such as …

Why put yourself through the tedious, time-consuming job of creating specific hazmat training programs from scratch? Order the Keller-Soft HazMat & Transportation Safety Training Customizer and drastically reduce your training prep time … so you’ll have more time for the many other projects that demand your attention.

The software includes user’s manual and 12 months unlimited toll-free support.

System operating requirements: IBM® PC or 100% compatible computer (486 or higher), 16 MB of RAM, 56 MB of hard disk space, Windows® 95 or higher, CD-ROM drive, and compatible printer.

ISBN 1-57943-603-X

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