Hazard Perception Challenge™ II

Challenge your drivers' hazard-perception skills even more with Hazard Perception Challenge™ II.

Keller's Hazard Perception Challenge™ II training program is a new twist on our popular Hazard Perception Challenge training program.

This interactive program will challenge the hazard-perception skills of your new and veteran drivers even more than the first program ... helping them to think fast and avoid hazards while on the road.

Keller's fast-paced program covers topics like:

This exciting training program uses even more animation and features more fill-in-the- blank, "what-did-you- see/what-would-you-do" challenge questions to truly put drivers' hazard-perception skills to the test.

The Hazard Perception Challenge™ II includes a 60-minute video, a trainer's guide that includes training tips and a quiz answer key, 10 driver test sheets, 10 driver certificates and 10 driver skill cards.

ISBN 1-59042-120-5

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