Safe Driving: A School Bus Driver's Video Series

This school bus specific training addresses key problems drivers face.

Lack of effective training is cited as a major reason many school bus drivers have difficulties handling passengers, and have accidents related to basic skill areas. These videos are aimed at helping drivers improve their skills and better manage their passengers.

Each 10-minute video is accompanied by an instructor’s bulletin and 10 driver skill cards. Mix and match or choose from three different video packs.

Passenger Safety (200-VT)
Covers boarding and exiting, emergency evacuations, and setting and enforcing rules.
ISBN 1-57943-772-9

Driving Techniques (201-VT)
Deals with safety skills regarding railroad crossings, turning, merging, intersections, and backing.
ISBN 1-57943-773-7

Seeing Hazards (202-VT)
Discusses proper seat and mirror positioning, overcoming restricted vision, visual scanning, and hazard awareness.
ISBN 1-57943-774-5

Defensive Driving (231-VT)
Reviews visual scanning, road hazards, and communicating clearly with other motorists.
ISBN 1-57943-956-9

Using Your Mirrors (232-VT)
Covers the proper use of mirrors when driving, waiting, merging, passing, and backing. Also addresses the importance of adjusting mirrors prior to and during operation.
ISBN 1-57943-966-7

Emergency Maneuvers (233-VT)
Discusses the importance of knowing what to do when emergency situations occur. Helps build and refine skills and techniques so that making the right choice becomes second nature.
ISBN 1-57943-967-5

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