Keller's Official OSHA Safety Handbook

The safety handbook all your employees should have... and at this low price, they can!

Presented in clear, simple terms, and supported by full-color illustrations, this handbook is as interesting as it is easy to read. Your employees will get vital safety advice on 22 of OSHA's hottest topics:

The handbook reviews the relevant OSHA regulations and identifies common workplace hazards. Readers learn how to prevent accidents and injuries at work by following proper safety strategies.

You'll learn whether or not employees have absorbed the information... there's a review quiz for each topic and a receipt page to help you document training.

Official OSHA Safety Handbook - Trainer's Program available separately. See related products below.

Softbound, 5-1/4" x 8-1/4".

ISBN 1-59042-078-0 (English Version)
ISBN 1-59042-087-X (Spanish Version)

Keller’s Official OSHA Safety Handbook Trainer’s Program

This timesaving training tool is designed to be used with Keller's Official OSHA Safety Handbook.

Keller's Official OSHA Safety Handbook -- Trainer's Program works like a teacher's edition, featuring downsized reprints of the pages in the handbook, along with a suggested training structure, background information and teaching materials. "Trainer's notes" area provides extra space to add in your own experiences.

The Program also includes a training-audit section, annual planning calendar, 20 training certificates and 20 wallet cards. Individual components available separately.

ISBN 1-59042-086-1

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