The Logging Solution

Helps drivers and auditors tackle logging issues to keep your company in compliance and avoid costly fines.

This two-part training program helps provide a simplified way to handle logging issues drivers AND auditors face every day.

A Driver's Guide To The Daily Log is based on an actual trip by an over- the-road driver. It covers the "hows" and "whys" of logging and the Hours of Service rules, while stressing the importance of accuracy and safety.

Auditing Drivers' Logs provides auditors with a system for analyzing logs, showing them exactly what to look for and in what sequence. It also explains how to match driver logs against current regs to check for accuracy and compliance.

In addition, this program contains motivational material that can help ALL employees understand the importance of log auditing, and how auditing is done.

The program includes:

A Driver's Guide To The Daily Log (186-K)
(1) 35-Minute VHS Training Video
(1) Instructor's Guide
(10) Driver Handbooks
(1) "Supervisor's Guide To Hours of Service" Special Report
(1) Driver Training Log Book
(2) Awareness Posters
(1) Training Log

Auditing Drivers' Logs (187-K)
(1) 20-Minute VHS Training Video
(1) User's Guide

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