Reasonable Suspicion Training For Supervisors

Reasonable Suspicion Training For Supervisors

Your supervisors will get the training they need — and gain the confidence they need — to determine reasonable suspicion.

DOT requires that persons designated to determine reasonable suspicion receive at least “60 minutes of training on alcohol misuse and 60 minutes of training on controlled substance use.” This easy-to-use kit will help you meet that requirement.

But the kit doesn’t stop there. It also helps give your supervisors the confidence they need to tackle difficult situations — such as handling uncooperative drivers — they’re likely to encounter. And that’s important, because if your supervisors don’t act on their suspicions, an impaired driver could be sent out on the road, putting himself/herself and others in danger.

The kit’s lively, fast-paced video uses a variety of dramatic scenarios to help hold your supervisors’ interest and demonstrate proper procedures. It will help your supervisors understand what kinds of observations they need to make, common symptoms of alcohol misuse and controlled substances use, how to document their observations, and more.

The kit includes the following:

1 20-Minute VHS Training Video
1 Facilitator’s Guide
1 Training Log
6 Supervisor’s Study Guides
6 Certificates of Completion
6 Observed Behavior Reasonable Suspicion Record Forms

ISBN 1-57943-782-6

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