Alcohol & Drug Testing Training/Awareness Program

Alcohol & Drug Testing Training/Awareness Program

Your drivers will come away with a clearer understanding of the regs and what’s required of them!

Reflects revisions to Part 40 and Part 382 of DOT's drug & alcohol testing requirements.

This program gives your drivers a solid grasp of DOT's drug and alcohol testing requirements, and will help them understand drug and alcohol prohibitions, what a "safety-sensitive" function is, what pre-employment testing is required, when post-accident testing must be done, how drivers are selected for testing, and what happens when they refuse to be tested.

This program includes, a video, facilitator's guide, employee handbooks, wallet cards, a training log, an awareness poster, and several drug and alcohol testing forms.

The program includes:

1 30-Minute VHS Training Video
1 Facilitator’s Guide
10 Driver Handbooks (see below)
10 Wallet Cards
1 Training Log
1 Awareness Poster
1 Confidential Alcohol & Controlled Substance File
1 Alcohol & Drug Testing Employee’s Certified Receipt
1 DOT Alcohol Testing Form
1 Drug Test Results Form
1 Alcohol and/or Controlled Substance Test Notification Form
1 Drug and Alcohol Records Request
1 Observed Behavior Reasonable Suspicion Record
1 Previous Pre-Employment Employee Alcohol and Drug Test Statement

ISBN 1-57943-781-8

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