Accidents & Breakdowns Training Kit

Shows drivers what to do after accidents and breakdowns so they can keep a bad situation from getting worse.

An accident or breakdown isn’t something you want your drivers involved in. But, they do happen. And, if your drivers don’t know what to do they can actually make the situation even worse — and more costly for your company. That’s why you need this new training kit. With it, you can help make sure your drivers are aware of their responsibilities and know the proper procedures to follow after an accident or breakdown.

The kit’s 15-minute video walks drivers through a 7-step accident procedure, from stopping the vehicle to filling out an accident report. The video also discusses proper actions after a breakdown, including the placement of warning devices — a DOT requirement.

Along with the video, the kit includes 10 driver handbooks that summarize
key points.

Here’s what the kit includes:

1 15-Minute VHS Video 1 Instructor’s Guide
10 Driver Handbooks 10 Wallet Cards
1 Training Log 2 Awareness Posters

ISBN 1-57943-880-6

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