Speed & Space Management Training Kit

Speed & Space Management Training Kit

Critical advice your drivers can put to use every day.

This kit will give your drivers the speed and space management knowledge they need to steer clear of accidents. It provides drivers with key information like how to manage space on all sides of the vehicle; the impact of different road surfaces on traction; the effects of speed on field of vision; how to use mirrors to monitor traffic; and braking distances. Anchoring the kit is a fast-paced, informative video that will help capture your drivers’ attention. Other printed materials supplement the video and help you provide well-organized, well-rounded training.

Here’s what the kit includes:

1 12-Minute VHS Training Video
1 Instructor’s Guide
10 Driver Handbooks
10 Wallet Cards
1 Training Log
2 Driver Awareness Posters

ISBN 1-57943-876-8

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