Vehicle Inspections Training Kit

Vehicle Inspections Training Kit

Hammer home the importance of vehicle inspections … and show your drivers how to do them right!

Proper vehicle inspections can reduce the chance of accidents and breakdowns — and their resulting costs. Use this kit to convince your drivers that inspections need to be done before and after every
trip — and to show them the proper procedures. The kit’s 12-minute video takes drivers through a thorough, seven-step inspection process, from the engine to the cab to the brakes. It stresses the importance of checking things in the same order every time to reduce the chance of forgetting something, and reminds drivers to fill out the DVIR each time, as well.

Suitable for new and experienced drivers, Keller’s Vehicle Inspections Training Kit will help you satisfy the requirements of 49 CFR Parts 392 and 396.

Here’s what the kit includes:

1 12-Minute VHS Training Video
10 Driver Handbooks
1 Instructor’s Guide
10 Wallet Cards
1 Training Log
2 Awareness Posters

ISBN 1-57943-871-7

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