Backing Training Kit

Solid training on one of the most important, most-used driving maneuvers.

Keller's Backing Training Kit can help you train your drivers on backing basics to help avoid costly damage to your vehicles.

At the core of this kit is a 15-minute video featuring vivid, attention-getting 3-D animation and solid advice from veteran drivers. The video addresses common backing maneuvers your drivers must know how to perform, including:

Accompanying the video are 10 driver handbooks that serve as both follow-along handouts during your training and as handy references after your training. Other print materials are also included in the kit to help you maximize the effectiveness of your training.

The kit includes the following materials:

(1) 15-Minute VHS Video
(1) Instructor's Guide
(10) Driver Handbooks
(10) Wallet Cards
(1) Training Log
(2) Awareness Posters

ISBN 1-59042-035-7

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