Construction Safety & Health Compliance Manual

Manual explains complex Part 1926 regs in plain English.

If you’ve ever been stumped by a complex OSHA regulation, you need this manual. Why? Because you can’t afford to misinterpret the regs … and risk costly fines. This manual helps you understand how to comply with Part 1926 requirements. It provides straightforward guidance for such important areas as fall protection, lead exposure, scaffolding, and underground construction.

It also includes extras like audit checklists to help you identify work hazards and prevent accidents … and an explanation of OSHA’s Focused Inspection Program to help you understand which compliance areas OSHA is targeting. The manual’s large type, handy index, and tab-divided sections make it easy to find what you need fast.

Loose-leaf, 3-ring bound. 860 pages. Update service available separately.

ISBN 1-877798-29-0

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