Hazard Perception Challenge

This innovative kit puts drivers on the spot ... challenging them to think.

With this all-new kit, you can get your drivers to participate in your training. The kit's high-energy video teaches hazard perception through a series of encounters or near-encounters -- each followed by a "what-did-you-see/what-did-you-do" quiz. Your drivers will have to think fast or face the consequences.

The video includes 30 different scenarios which can be presented in either "continous play" or "stop-and-discuss" segments (10 to 12 mintues each) covering:

Lively graphics, computer animation, and sound effects throughout the video keep the pace moving and help keep driver's attention.

Along with the 60-minute video, the kit includes a trainer's guide with the answers to the encounter scenarios and suggested comments to potential outcomes based on drivers' reactions. The kit also includes 10 test sheets for drivers to fill in their answers to the on-screen questions, and 10 driver skill cards with a removable receipt/training record.

The kit's interactive, game-like presentation is sure to be a hit with your drivers -- and to convey safety information they need.

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