Road Rage Training Kit

Road Rage Training Kit

Teach your drivers how to react sensibly — and safely — in road rage situations.

Road rage has become all-too-common. Chances are, if your drivers haven’t already had to deal with it, they will. Which is why it’s important your drivers know what to do to protect their vehicles and themselves in road rage situations. This easy-to-use kit will show them.

At the heart of the kit is a fast-paced, 20-minute video that uses dramatic scenarios of road rage incidents to grab and keep your drivers’ attention. Featuring advice from real-life veteran drivers, the kit explains what to do when another driver becomes angry or aggressive; how to avoid becoming a road rager; how to reduce the chance of becoming a road rage victim; and what drivers should do if they witness a road rage incident.

The kit includes enough materials to train up to 10 drivers:

1 20-Minute VHS Video
1 Discussion Guide
10 Driver Action Cards
2 Awareness Posters

ISBN 1-57943-630-0

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