Keller-Soft #153; Compliance Information Manager, Deluxe (Version 7)

Keller-Soft™ Compliance Information Manager, Deluxe (Version 7)

Now a wealth of OSHA, EPA, and DOT compliance information is just a few mouse clicks away!

It’s no wonder why this powerful software is so popular among our customers … it makes finding specific OSHA, EPA, and DOT compliance information super fast and easy. And now it’s better than ever before, with an improved navigation system and timesaving features. You won’t believe how much need-to-know compliance information we’ve packed into this one software program. You’ll get word-for-word regs, plain-English compliance explanations, state requirements, forms, and much more!

Compliance Information Manager, Deluxe turns your PC into a personalized high-speed compliance research assistant! And with quarterly updates, you can be sure you are operating from current information ... without having to monitor regulatory changes yourself!

Here’s a quick rundown of what Compliance Information Manager, Deluxe will do for you:

SmartSort™ – Prioritizes information to your specific needs.
A real timesaver! It sorts through and prioritizes the massive amounts of regulatory and support information in the software. So every time you use it, the first informational items you see are the ones most important to you. No more endless scrolling to find what you want.

SmartAccess™ – Quickly pulls together all information related to your topic.
For example, you can compile all available information related to forklift. Or find all information related to a specific state or agency! What would otherwise take you hours — even days — to gather on your own, can now be done in minutes.

Forms Module – Gives you forms, permits and posters!
Choose from scores of required OSHA and EPA forms, permits and posters — ready to print!

Department of Labor Regulations – Expanded beyond OSHA.
Features Department of Labor regulations, including Wage and Hour, Workers’ Compensation, and more.

High-Speed Navigation System – Lets you conduct a broad-range search in seconds!
All information is linked — so you are just a “click” away from seeing everything related to your compliance topic. Search by any key word, combination of words, or reg number.

State Requirements – Gives you transportation and workplace safety requirements for all 50 states.

Just look at all the compliance topics covered:

Workplace Safety



Transportation-Hazardous Materials

Transportation-Motor Carrier

Pipeline Safety

The software includes on-screen help and 12 months of unlimited toll-free support, and quarterly updates for the number of years you choose.

System operating requirements: IBM® PC or 100% compatible computer, CD-ROM drive with 16 MB of disk space available, 16 MB of RAM, Windows® 95 or higher, and compatible printer.

ISBN 1-57943-862-8

Confused about California vs. federal regulations?

Keller-Soft™ Compliance Information Manager can be purchased with an enhancement module that gives you a side-by-side comparison of the California Title 8 regulations and corresponding federal regulations. It even tells you the difference between the two.

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